New MasterpieceS of Modern Lithic Art

Masterpieces of Modern Lithic Art
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Shipping charges are listed as follows:
Journals are $3.00 for standard shipping
Priority shipping is $10.00 per box

Complete collector sets will be shipped with the shipping costs paid.

All payments must be made to the Lithic Artists Guild. PO Box 63, Pella, IA 50219

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If you order more than one book, then add an additional $2.50 for shipping and insurance for each additional book.

The shipping charges for shipments outside the USA depends upon the zip code where the book is shipped. Since no two charges are going to be the same, a flat charge of $50.00 in US funds will be charged. If the charges are less than $50.00 US funds the difference will be refunded in US funds when the book is shipped.

All purchased are sent by priority shipping through the US Post Office.

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Masterpiece Book Reviews

"TJ Onken has once again topped himself. It was a long time coming but the wait was worth it. The photography is professional; the content is exceptional of the vast array of this collection. I can't express my gratitude for those collectors that included some of my work. I take my hat off to all the artist that contributed to this beautiful book as well. My first reaction was the sheer size of the book and the quality of the photography. Any professional or amateur collector, hunter or knapper will enjoy this book for many years to come. This will surely become a collector's book." -Dan Theus

"I just received and read the Masterpieces Modern Lithic Art proof copy, all I can say is WOW! This book is full of the best modern flintknapping and lithic art has to offer in the world! It represents the artist's and the collectors great "eye" for modern lithic art! T.J. Onken has gone to great lengths to promote modern knapping, proof is in the book! If you appreciate great works of art as I do, this is a must buy! Thanks T. J. and to the great collectors who make this all possible." -ED Moreland

"I have just read the new Masterpieces of Modern Lithic Art proof copy. If you love Flint Ridge material, this book is definitely one that you will want to purchase. This book is 208 pages of the absolute best points made to date by flintknappers. Masterpieces of Modern Lithic Art is the finest book ever published on modern points. As flintknappers we all owe TJ thanks for his tireless efforts to promote flintknapping as a legitimate art form. The prices that we enjoy today for our best points would not have been possible without his help." -Roy Miller

"I have just finished reviewing a proof copy of the "Masterpieces of Modern Lithic Art." It is an excellent  book on modern lithic replications by some of the finest knappers in the country. There are many beautiful photographs from several different collections.  No library of modern work would be complete without a copy of this book. I highly recommend it for anyone who appreciates flintknapping & lithic material." -Carolyn Johnson

Artists points pictured in the Masterpiece book include the following:

Steve Allely
Swoose Alexander
Woody Blackwell
Tim Dillard
Justin Eldridge
Jeff Gower
Jim Hopper
Clint Hutcheson
Gary Merlie
Roy Miller
Ed Moreland
Mark Nation
Stan Norgaard
Clint Philbrick
Ernie Raber
Jim Redfearn
Marty Rueter
Tom Shehee
Matt Strehle
Don Sutton
Dan Theus
Bob Thomas
Richard Warren
Don Wilcox
Brian Wrage
Dean Ziegler

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